Hello, my name is

Rashed Hossain

Lead, Tech Support @Ollyo

About me

WordPress Developer, Tech Support, Agile, Product Management, Project Management.

Passionate about WordPress and dedicated to helping businesses thrive through effective digital solutions.

Experienced WordPress professional specializing in theme and plugin development, with a strong background in product and project management. Passionate about delivering high-quality solutions that meet client needs and exceed expectations.

Successfully developed and launched custom WordPress themes and plugins, catering to diverse client requirements. Led cross-functional teams in executing projects, ensuring timely delivery, and maintaining high-quality standards. Collaborated closely with stakeholders to define product vision, roadmap, and feature prioritization. Implemented effective project management methodologies to streamline workflows and optimize team performance.

What I do

Product Management

As a Product Manager, I lead the development and strategy of our products. My role involves market research, understanding customer needs, collaborating with cross-functional teams, and guiding the product from ideation to launch. I prioritize features, create roadmaps, and ensure that our products align with business goals and customer satisfaction.

WordPress Development

As a WordPress Developer, I specialize in designing and implementing custom solutions on the WordPress platform. My role involves creating and customizing themes, developing plugins, and ensuring seamless functionality. I work on the technical aspects of websites, addressing coding, optimization, and security to deliver tailored and effective WordPress solutions for clients.

Bug Fixing

As a Bug Fixer in my role as a Tech Support Engineer, I identify and troubleshoot software issues reported by users. I analyze and diagnose problems, provide step-by-step guidance to users, and collaborate with development teams to resolve bugs and glitches. My focus is on ensuring a smooth user experience by promptly addressing and fixing technical issues, contributing to the overall improvement of the product's functionality and reliability.

My Experience

June 2023 - Present


Lead, Tech Support

Leading a proficient Technical Support and Sales Team, I specialize in diagnosing and resolving WordPress theme and plugin issues, enhancing products with new features. With a strategic focus, I organize development sprints, collaborate with cross-functional teams, and integrate innovative functionalities, contributing to the overall success of our products.

September 2021 - May 2023


Senior Analyst, Tech Support

Supervising the Technical Support & Sales Team, I diagnose and resolve WordPress theme and plugin issues, enhance products with new features, and address intricate bugs. Supervising development sprints, I collaborate with cross-functional teams, implement new features, and integrate innovative functionalities, contributing to the success of our products. Engaging with QA teams ensures the resolution of complex issues.

January 2021 - August 2021


Software Engineer

As a Software Engineer, I create WordPress themes and plugins, specializing in debugging and resolving issues for websites, themes, and plugins. With a strong focus on project management, I tackle intricate bugs and provide solutions to clients, emphasizing security enhancements and speed optimization for superior web performance.

December 2018 - December 2020


Software Engineer

I specialize in developing and enhancing WordPress themes and plugins, addressing intricate bugs, and providing effective solutions to customers. As a key contributor to product strategy, I organize development sprints, collaborate with cross-functional teams, and integrate new features, aligning closely with business teams and partners to integrate innovative functionalities.

August 2016 - November 2018


Assistant Programmer

Expert in web application development, server administration, and database administration, adept at crafting robust and scalable solutions. My skills encompass the entire spectrum of creating, managing, and optimizing web applications, servers, and databases for seamless and efficient functionality.

June 2015 - July 2016


Junior Software Engineer

Proficient in designing website templates and developing websites using WordPress. Specializing in crafting custom WordPress themes, I bring creativity and technical expertise to deliver visually appealing and functional websites that align with client preferences and requirements.