How to write a good resume

It is a must-have, for any Affiliate, promoting any program. Based on this, the employer will select you for the next step. However, many of us do not follow the proper rules when creating a resume, which is why we lose it before we get a job. So we should create a resume that easily catches the eye of the employer.

An attractive resume can be an active catalyst in increasing your chances of getting a job. Many job seekers in our country make a common mistake: submitting a resume at a computer composing store when applying for a job. In most cases, the quality of these resumes is not accurate. So it is wise to refrain from using such resumes. Instead, try to create a quality resume for yourself.

Today’s article will tell you exactly how to proceed. In addition, there are some things to keep in mind, so that you too can create a beautiful resume and highlight your qualifications.

What’s a resume?

A resume is an official document containing a resume, which is used to represent the qualifications of a job applicant. Resumes are usually written in English. It is basically a 1/2 page document, which mentions the applicant’s educational qualifications, name, address, and other related matters. Not only for job but also for academic matters.


You must enter your full name at the beginning. Nicknames or pseudonyms should not be written. The spelling of the name must be the same as in the secondary, higher secondary, and university certificates. Mr. or Mrs. should not be used before the name.


Give the recently taken picture in the resume. Many of us give pictures a few years ago. So don’t post pictures that you don’t recognize, or that look boyish. You have to keep yourself tidy while taking pictures.

Address and contact

Address must be clear but concise. You must provide a mobile number so that the employer can contact you. It is best to use your personal mobile number; However, 2-3 mobile numbers cannot be written. Then you have to give your email address. Special care should be taken in case of e-mail address. Some of us deliberately create some email addresses like,,, But such bizarre and ridiculous email addresses should not be used for employment. Remember, if your employer sees such emails, he may have a negative attitude towards you. So you have to create a short email address with your name and use it in your resume. If necessary, you can create a beautiful email address by adding some numbers to the name.

You can also use the LinkedIn profile ID if you wish. If you do not need to add a Facebook ID is better. However, you can attach the name of the personal website.

Professional goals

Be sure to include your professional goals in the resume. But it will be short and tidy. If you write in English, pay special attention to spelling or grammar. The goal must be in line with the position you are applying for. Do not write irrelevant, absurd or imaginary sentences.

When writing a professional goal or ‘career objective’ as a fresher, you can write about what you will do in the next five years, how much you will improve yourself or what kind of target you will implement, or why you are a suitable candidate for that organization. However, it is better not to write anything imagining Akash-Kusum with great enthusiasm and self-confidence. Focus on how you plan to build your career in the future.


Start with your recent degree or formal education. You have to write the degree that you have just obtained first. You can mention what subject you have studied in, what faculty you have studied in, how many years you have taken the exam, what was the grade point or result. However, if you have not yet passed, write the word ‘examinee’, and in English, write the approximate passing year. Write the result information from university-level to secondary examination in order. You can write the information with bullet points.

Academic publications or projects

If you have published any research or report while studying at the undergraduate level of the university, you can write it in this section. Many university students take part in various academic projects. If you have done this, you can add the name of the project. Also, if someone works as an intern, you can write about that.

Skills and Achievements

If you have any skills related to the job you are applying for, write in this section. Suppose you want to qualify for the position you are applying for. And you have experience in this matter. Maybe you led a group while you were at university. You can mention that. You can also mention any awards, honors or publications if relevant.

Not to mention one thing here. Almost everyone who graduates is a fresher. And these freshers are the hardest to make in the resume. Because they have no work experience. However, if we want, we can highlight some of the experiences gained in our university in our resume; Such as teamwork or group work. Many of us have group presentations at the university. This is also a kind of experience. The skill of debating is also an experience. Many people participate in various debate competitions. This can be mentioned in the resume. Again many have very good communication skills; Such as their ability to talk or to impress people. It can also be included if desired. It may also include internship experience, academic studies as well as obtaining certificates through various courses.

Workshops and training

You can add a list of workshops or training that you have attended in university life. However, understand the importance of the job position and add workshop and training information. Suppose you are preparing a resume for a job as a sales representative, then add sales and marketing information. Also many now take any degree or training online. If you have a degree or training, you can add it to your resume.

Language skills

Generally, to apply for a job in Bangladesh, it is necessary to know Bengali and English as languages. Also, if you have taken an English language proficiency test, such as IELTS or TOEFL, give it a score. Moreover, if you know any other language, you can also mention it.

Computer skills

You have to write with computer skills keeping in mind the position for which you are preparing the resume. At present, however, knowledge of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) is considered a general skill for all levels of employment. So if you know the workings of Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint very well, you must add it to the resume. Also, if you have learned technical software, such as Matlab or SPSS, you can mention it.

Hobbies and interests

If you want, you can write about your interests and hobbies in this section.


If you have just graduated from university, you can refer to a university teacher as a reference. However, in this case, the teacher will use his name and surname. In some cases, the employer contacts the person whose name appears in the reference from the organization. So use the correct terms and identities. However, if you want, you can add the name and surname of any known professional in any other profession.

What should be the format of the resume?

For most jobs, a 1-2 page resume is enough. Use ‘A4’ size page for resume. You can use ‘Arial’, ‘Times New Roman’ or ‘Calibri’ as fonts. However, use only a specific font throughout the resume. Do not use 2-3 fonts to bring more beauty. This may seem unsightly in the resume.

Keep the font size 11/12. Usually, it is better to write in black font. However, if you want you can use another color font for the title. You can use 14-18 font-size subheadings to highlight the parts of the resume clearly.

You can use bullet points in important matters to attract the attention of the employer. Keep enough space between the two lines. There is no need to diversify the design of the resume without any special need. Because, if the design looks ugly to the employer, it is more likely to be the opposite.

Things to keep in mind

  • You should create your own resume. You can make it beautifully by arranging it as you like. There are many who create their own resume by copying almost exactly the resume of others, which is totally inappropriate. And many samples of resume can be found on the internet. Moreover, friends may have made a resume. You can also look at them to get an idea. But keep in mind, they cannot be duplicated.
  • Make sure that the resume you choose is the same from beginning to end. The text should not be part of any other format.
  • The resume needs to be changed as per the job advertisement. Mention work experience, skills and educational qualifications in line with the work of the organization you are applying to.
  • Employers can ask questions from the resume information during the interview. So be careful what you write in the resume. Use simple and short sentences. Refrain from using unnecessarily difficult words and complex language. Also do not write anything unnecessary and irrelevant.
  • The use of bullet points instead of paragraphs makes the resume interesting. Never write in a ‘first person’ resume. For example: ‘I won the University Art Exhibition Competition in 2019’. Information should be added clearly and concisely.
  • After creating the first resume, it is better to show it to one or two experienced people. In this case, the opinion of the teacher or any senior of the department of his own educational institution can be taken.
  • Be careful with spelling. You have to pay attention a few times and make mistakes. In the case of freshers, it is important to remember that the resume should not exceed 2 pages in any way. Better a poor horse than no horse at all. However, those who have more experience can also increase the number of pages as per the demand.
  • There are many who submit the same resume in many places, which is not right at all. Jobs and positions will change resume. Moreover, the professional goals are the same for each position, that should be taken into account.
  • Just don’t submit or email anywhere in the resume. You have to attach ‘cover letter’ with it. Why you are applying for a job, why you are eligible, should be written in a short cover letter.
  • When sending a resume via email, be sure to keep it in PDF format. Do not send resume to word document in any way.
  • Review your resume at leisure. Write down any new skills you have acquired.

Finally, everything changes over time. So keep yourself updated and try to keep up with the times.

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